Stakeholder consultation

The European Commission and the project consortium are dedicated to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to this study, thereby creating a transparent and open process. This website is the main information exchange platform between the study-team, the Commission and the stakeholders. This page allows you to register yourself as stakeholder in the study. By registering you will receive notifications by email regarding website updates, meetings and availability of documents for download.

Please note that stakeholders already registered for the first technical support study do not have to register again.

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Stakeholder consultation

The study team will establish an open and inclusive consultation process in order for various stakeholders provide support to the development of the SRI, via stakeholder meetings and structural gathering of feedback on project deliverables. Additionally, topical stakeholder groups will be set up to retrieve feedback on specific elements of the SRI scheme. Further information on these topical stakeholder groups and their outputs will be updated on this page.

Stakeholder Meetings

Two stakeholder meetings were held during the course of the second technical study. The first meeting took place on 26 March 2019 at the Albert Borschette Congress Centre in Brussels. The second stakeholder meeting took place on 9 October 2019 in Brussels in Tour MADOU (Place Madou 1). 

The presentations displayed during the plenary session of the stakeholder meeting and the minutes are available under milestones and documents.

A brief summary of the discussions can be found under meetings.


Topical Groups

The aim of topical groups is to lead in-depth discussions within a compact group of experts and on a more focused scope. Initially, two Topical Stakeholder Working Groups were set up, a third one was added more recently:

  • Topical Group A on the SRI value proposition and implementation;
  • Topical Group B on the SRI calculation methodology;
  • Topical Group C on future developments of the SRI (added in the autumn of 2019).

The topical groups consist each of 25-30 experts representing different and complementary European business sector organizations and experts from some Member States.

The Topical Group A on SRI value proposition and implementation aims to reflect upon the business value of the SRI from an end-user perspective and to discuss possible approaches for an effective implementation of the SRI. 

The Topical Group B on SRI calculation methodology aims to focus on the consolidation of the SRI methodological framework, including the selection of services, the definition of weighting factors and impacts, etc.

Topical Group A and Topical Group B gathered twice in Brussels for meetings in person, back to back with the first and second stakeholder meeting. A plenary feedback meeting with stakeholder topical groups A, B and C was organised on 13 February 2020 to feed the further consultations with EU Member States and support the process of drafting the delegated and implementing acts. 

Next to the meetings in person, teleconference meetings have been set up to discuss specific topics. More details on the content of these discussions are provided in the interim reports, under Milestones and Documents.

The Topical Group C on future evolutions of the SRI aims to explore how the SRI can remain sufficiently future proof. Members of this topical group have been discussing all elements related to a data-driven assessment, as well as a process for updating methods A and B. Unlike topical groups A and B, this topical group is self-managed in terms of organisation and content and reports to the technical study consortium and the Commission services. The work of topical group C is intended to continue beyond the time frame of the technical support study. 

The recommendations report of Topical Group C can be consulted here.

Open public consultation

An open public consultation has been held to offer stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to the SRI development process and to provide relevant and robust information in a structured way.

This consultation has informed the development of the SRI and in particular the establishment of the legal acts to be adopted by the European Commission (namely, a delegated act to establish the definition and methodology of the SRI and an implementing act detailing the technical modalities for the effective implementation of the scheme).

The results of the open public consultation have been integrated in the (interim) reports.