Milestones and documents

Throughout the study, stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide their feedback to the study. The feedback received will inform the analysis and help building awareness and consensus on the SRI and its calculation methodology.

Stakeholders are invited to provide their feedback by means of the feedback form. More specifically, comments are welcomed:

  1. on the questions indicated in tab sheet 1 of the feedback form;
  2. on the list of Smart Ready Services integrated in tab sheet 2 of the feedback form;
  3. on the technical working document “Catalogue of Smart Ready Services” through tab sheet 3 of the feedback form.

Please notice that the deadline for comments is 23 June, 2017.


Timing Milestone
June 2017

1st stakeholder meeting (07/06/2017)

March 2017 Kick-off meeting
February 2017 Project starts