Milestones and documents

Throughout the study, stakeholders had the opportunity to provide their feedback to the study. The feedback received informs the analysis and helps building awareness and consensus on the SRI and its calculation methodology.

The feedback process to the second progress report and Catalogue of Smart Ready Services was collected by the feedback form. It is an Excel sheet with multiple tabs:

  • A tab for providing feedback on the progress report
  • A tab for providing feedback on the smart ready service catalogue
  • A tab for providing feedback on the processes which need to be established to keep an SRI methodology updated and future-proof.

Due to time constraints, feedback received beyond that deadline or in another format than the feedback forms provided, were not be possible to take it into account for the final report of this technical study. In any case, your feedback will be recorded and shared with EC DG Energy, for possible consideration in the next steps of the SRI policy making process.

Send your completed feedback forms to:

Timing Milestone
August 2018

Project ends

29 June 2018

Feedback process to the second progress report and services catalogue (Annex A):

28 May 2018

3rd Stakeholder meeting

16 Feb 2018

Feedback process to the interim report and Catalogue of Smart Ready Services: (Annex F and Annex G)

December 2017

2nd stakeholder meeting (21 December 2017)

June 2017

1st stakeholder meeting (7 June 2017)

March 2017 Kick-off meeting
February 2017 Project starts