Project summary 2nd technical support study

The 2018 revision of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) aims to further promote smart building technologies, in particular through the establishment of a Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for buildings.

This indicator will allow for rating the smart readiness of buildings, i.e. the capability of buildings (or building units) to adapt their operation to the needs of the occupant, also optimizing energy efficiency and overall performance, and to adapt their operation in reaction to signals from the grid (energy flexibility). The smart readiness indicator should raise awareness amongst building owners and occupants of the value behind building automation and electronic monitoring of technical building systems and should give confidence to occupants about the actual savings of those new enhanced functionalities.

A first technical study to support the establishment of the SRI concluded in August 2018 and aimed at investigating the possible scope and characteristics of such an indicator. End of December 2018, a second technical support study was launched with the aim to provide further technical input to feed the establishment of the SRI scheme. Building on the outcomes of the first technical study, this study will deliver the technical inputs needed to refine and finalize the definition of the SRI and the associated calculation methodology. At the same time, this study explores possible options for the implementation of the SRI and evaluates their impact on EU level in order for the Commission services to assess the technical modalities of an effective implementation of the SRI scheme.

This second technical support study will carry out the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Technical support for the consolidation of the definition and the calculation methodology of the SRI.
  • Task 2: Investigation of SRI implementation pathways and of the format of the SRI.
  • Task 3: Guidance for effective SRI implementation.
  • Task 4: Quantitative modelling and analysis of the impact of the SRI at EU level.
  • Task 5: Stakeholder consultation and study website.Understanding and challenges.
  • Task 6: Support to the policy making process.

Throughout this work the consortium partners will consult with relevant stakeholders and use their feedback to inform the analysis while helping to build awareness and consensus over the most viable approach to establish the SRI.

Reports issued for this study are available in the Milestones and Documents section of this website.

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